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Spook Hill Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP)

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• 5/1/2002
Project Contact: Afshin Ahouraiyan
Region: SE
District: 2 - Steve Chucri 5 - Steve Gallardo

This project area encompasses approximately 35 square miles located in the Spook Hill Watershed. The watershed extends from the Usery Mountains on the north and Apache Trail on the east, the Buckhorn-Mesa structures to the west and the south.

In 1987, the Flood Control District prepared the initial Spook Hill Area Drainage Master Study (ADMS), which identified flooding problems in the watershed and proposed solutions. Since that study, development in the watershed area increased dramatically. Economic and cultural aspects of the watershed changed as well as population, land use and land availability. Due to the extensive development in the watershed, that study was no longer feasible.

Due to extensive area development and continued flooding problems, the City of Mesa requested that the Flood Control District update the existing Spook Hill ADMS. The Spook Hill Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP) updated the ADMS to reflect changes affecting the watershed area. The ADMP identified existing drainage structures and drainage problems, and developed drainage solutions.


The project was completed in 2002, and the Spook Hill Area Drainage Master Plan was adopted by the Flood Control District under Resolution FCD 2002R008.

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Handout May 2002 PDF 1.35 MB
Newsletter March 2001 PDF 2.1 MB

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