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Lower Hassayampa Watercourse Master Plan (WCMP)

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• 11/9/2005
• 9/16/2004
Project Contact: Theresa Pinto
Region: NW
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman

The Flood Control District of Maricopa County (District) has completed the first phase of the Lower Hassayampa Watercourse Master Plan (WCMP) to identify and develop a plan and technical guidance for managing flood hazards, lateral migration of the watercourse, and the cumulative impacts of existing and future development. The first phase identified flood hazards and river behavior. The second phase developed and evaluated flood mitigation strategies to reduce the risk of flooding and erosion hazards to the public.

The project area included the floodplain and erosion hazard areas of the lower Hassayampa River extending from the confluence with the Gila River to the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal crossing, and Jackrabbit Wash from the Hassayampa River confluence to the CAP canal crossing.


Phase 1 was completed in February 2006. In an effort to provide sound and uniform technical information, guidance and criteria for development, the District started Phase 2 of the Lower Hassayampa River WCMP in the fall of 2009 and finished in June 2013.

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Project Area Map PDF 3 MB

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