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Hermosa Vista/Hawes Rd Storm Drain and Basin

Public Meetings

Currently there are no public meetings scheduled for this project.

Past Public Meetings

• 4/24/2007
• 8/18/2005
• 5/1/2002
• 8/16/2001
• 4/5/2001
• 1/18/2000
Project Contact: Tim Murphy
Region: E
District: 2 - Steve Chucri

The project includes a drainage system to capture runoff from the Usery Mountains and surrounding area. The drainage system consists of a storm drain that ties into the existing Madrid basin at 90th Street and McDowell Road, goes west along McDowell Road, south along Hawes Road and west along Hermosa Vista Drive, with a detention basin at Hawes Road and Culver Street. The drainage system provides 100-year storm protection and discharges into the Spook Hill Flood Retarding Structure. The project was a partnership between the District and the City of Mesa. The completed project is maintained by the City of Mesa (in incorporated areas) and by the District (in unincorporated areas).


The project was completed in 2010.

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