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Cave Creek Drainage Master Plan (DMP)

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Project Contact: Felicia Terry
Region: NE
District: 2 - Steve Chucri

The Cave Creek Drainage Master Plan (DMP) project was a joint effort between the Town of Cave Creek (Town) and the Flood Control District of Maricopa County (District). The purpose of this DMP was to identify the flooding problems, flooding sources and flooding hazards in the Cave Creek area and to identify alternatives to mitigate or manage the flooding issues.

The DMP boundary limits are approximately Carefree Highway to the south, 24th Street alignment to the west, the Tonto National Forest to the north and Carefree town limits to the east. This area encompasses approximately 50 square miles.

The DMP identified the nature and extent of flooding within the Town and alternatives to manage flooding in the future. The DMP delineated and mapped additional 100-year floodplains for major tributaries. Drainage Guidelines were produced for the Town to use in helping development within the Town limits handle drainage. An Emergency Flood Response Plan was developed and is now being implemented by the Town. Erosion hazard setback zones were determined along the major water courses. An “all weather” access route was identified that would allow emergency vehicles access through the Town. All of these products were part of the DMP.

The DMP will aid the Town in managing or minimizing development’s impacts to the drainage and washes throughout the area, which will help to alleviate or prevent flooding in the future.

The DMP was followed by a joint Town/District effort to delineate floodplains along Ocotillo Wash, Ocotillo Wash Tributary 2, and Cave Creek Tributaries 2 and 3. The watercourses are located several miles north of the Cave Creek Town Hall, and results included detailed re-delineations for 3.3 miles of existing Zone AE floodplains and floodways, and approximate delineations for 2.0 miles of new Zone A floodplains. The study applied new two-foot contour interval topographic mapping and existing hydrology. For information about the Floodplain Delineation Study, please contact Richard Harris -


The DMP is complete, and proposed floodplain delineations have been submitted to FEMA.

Available Documents

Document Name Type Size
DMP Exhibit Boards October 2006 PDF 1.68 MB
DMP Public Meeting Handout July 2007 PDF 3.61 MB
DMP Public Meeting Presentation July 2007 PDF 8.64 MB
DMP Area Map GIF 97 KB
FDS Ocotillo Wash Map PDF 2.74 MB

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