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Wickenburg Downtown Flooding Hazard Mitigation Project

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• 8/18/2005
• 5/26/2005
Project Contact: Tim Murphy
Region: NW
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman

Sol's Wash and the Hassayampa River have been identified as significant flooding hazards within the town of Wickenburg. In October 2000, storm water exceeded the banks of Sol's Wash and flowed over Tegner Street, flooding homes east of Tegner Street and also Coffinger Park. Storm flows from the Hassayampa River have historically flooded homes in the Coffinger Park area. The District, in cooperation with the Town of Wickenburg, developed the Sol's Wash Candidate Assessment Report, predesign study and design plans, which provided drainage solutions for the downtown Wickenburg area along Sol's Wash. The resultant project reduces the flooding hazards in the area and eliminates the existing floodplain affecting more than 100 properties.

The project is located in Wickenburg on Sol's Wash, from upstream of the proposed U.S. Highway 93 Interim Bypass Bridge to approximately 1,600 feet upstream of the Tegner Street Bridge (a distance of approximately 0.8 miles). The project also includes an additional 250-foot segment on Hospital Wash located immediately north of the Hospital Wash – Sol's Wash confluence. Principal construction features for the project included: clearing and grubbing; removal of existing bank protection; removal of existing concrete walls; channel excavation; fine grading; placement of gabion baskets and mattresses (flood control structures); construction of new floodwalls and retaining walls; construction of a new box culvert; new pipes and pipe extensions; roadway construction using asphalt concrete paving; and placement of engineered fill for levees and gabion bank protection.

The project conveys the 100-year storm flows within the banks of Sol's Wash to its junction with the Hassayampa River. The project also has allowed the Arizona Department of Transportation's proposed U.S. Highway 93 Interim bypass roadway embankment to be constructed as a levee to contain the Hassayampa River floodplain in the area.

The project is owned, operated and maintained by the Town of Wickenburg.


Construction is complete.

Available Documents

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Overall Exhibit PDF 2.0 MB
Preliminary Concept Plan JPG 4 MB
Site Analysis Exhibit PDF 5.1 MB
Study Area Exhibit PDF 1.9 MB

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