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Upper New River Area Drainage Master Plan

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• 6/5/2008
• 11/29/2007
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Project Contact: Theresa Pinto
Region: N
District: 3 - Bill Gates 4 - Clint L. Hickman

The District initiated the Upper New River Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP) to identify the flooding problems and associated hazards in the Upper New River watershed, and to develop alternatives to mitigate these flooding hazards. The District and Stantec (the selected Consultant) developed a final recommended plan by working with the public and stakeholders through individual and public meetings.

Most of the area within the Upper New River ADMP watershed and study area is undeveloped and relatively pristine, undisturbed Sonoran Desert. Preparing an ADMP before substantial land development allowed the District, its consultant and the stakeholder team to develop flood mitigation measures that utilize and optimize the natural drainage features, complement the physical and natural environment and typically cost less compared to implementing post-development flood mitigation measures. Floodplain managers, municipalities, planners, developers and land owners can use and implement the Upper New River ADMP for planning and designing flood mitigation solutions and for guiding or regulating development that either affects drainage or is within the floodplain within the Upper New River watershed.

Central objectives of the Upper New River ADMP were:

  • To identify the flooding hazards in the study area and quantify the extent of existing and future potential flooding hazards.
  • To prepare FEMA floodplain delineations for selected washes.
  • To identify tributaries and reaches of the Upper New River that should remain undisturbed based on their extent of existing or potential flooding and erosion hazards and/or their unique natural or physical characteristics.
  • To develop cost-effective, sustainable flood and erosion control solutions that may be implemented together or individually, based on scheduling, funding and cost sharing.
  • To perform a qualitative evaluation of the erosion and sedimentation patterns and characteristics of select reaches of the Upper New River and major tributaries where deemed appropriate, to provide a tool for estimating the long-term benefits or effects of proposed solutions.
  • To prepare an ADMP and associated reports that document the technical analysis, data collection efforts, the planning process, the public and stakeholder involvement process, the alternatives development, the alternative analysis, the conceptual design plans for the preferred alternative(s), and the implementation plan for the ADMP.


The ADMP was completed in 2008.

Available Documents

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Brochure Fall 2006 PDF 3.85 MB
Fact Sheet PDF 1.57 MB

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