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Rose Garden Lane Channel and Basin

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Project Contact: Don Rerick
Region: NW
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman

The Flood Control District completed the Glendale/Peoria Area Drainage Master Plan Update Study (ADMP) in May 2001. The study made several recommendations for regional drainage infrastructure to provide 100-year protection for the ADMP watershed. The Rose Garden Lane Channel is a high priority recommendation of the ADMP and ranks as a high priority flood control project for the City of Peoria. The City Council of Peoria adopted the recommendations of the ADMP in May 2001, and the Board of Directors for the District adopted the ADMP recommendations in December 2001 (Resolution FCD 2001R012).

The project consists of an open channel along the north side of Rose Garden Lane discharging into a basin in the Agua Fria River that will provide 100-year level of protection. The channel benefits an area between approximately Lake Pleasant Road and the Agua Fria River, south of Rose Garden Lane. The channel accepts flows, which would otherwise flow over Rose Garden Lane and overflow the Beardsley Channel, and conveys them to the Agua Fria River. Peoria is the lead agency for all design and construction-related tasks and will operate and maintain the completed project.


Construction of the project is complete. The City of Peoria is responsible for operation and maintenance of the project features.

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