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23rd Avenue & Roeser Road Basin & Storm Drain

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Project Contact: Tim Murphy
Region: S
District: 5 - Steve Gallardo

The 23rd Avenue/Roeser Road Detention Basin & Storm Drain is an element of the regional flood control infrastructure as defined by the recommended plan for the South Phoenix / Laveen Drainage Improvement Project. The project consists of a 10-acre detention basin located on the northeast corner of 23rd Avenue and Roeser Road that intercepts flows from the north and the east. The basin intercepts flows from a 100-year storm and discharges approximately 40 cubic feet per second into a storm drain constructed along Roeser Road, then north along 27th Avenue to Broadway Road where a connection was be made to an existing 108-inch storm drain that conveys the flow to the Salt River. Phoenix was the lead agency for all design and construction tasks for the project.


The Project construction has been completed by the City of Phoenix and is operated and maintained by the City.

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