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Elliott Road Detention Basin and Outfall Channel

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Project Contact: Don Rerick
Region: SE
District: 5 - Steve Gallardo

The Elliot Road Channel and Basins project was a joint project among the city of Mesa, Maricopa County Department of Transportation, and the Flood Control District that was identified in the East Mesa Area Drainage Master Plan. The East Mesa ADMP identifies drainage problems and develops solutions for a storm water collection and basin system for eastern Maricopa County, which includes portions of the City of Mesa, the Town of Gilbert, the Town of Queen Creek, and unincorporated Maricopa County.

The basins are located at the corner of Elliot Road and the Crismon Road alignment. They collect runoff from the Crismon Channel, which extends along Crismon Road north of Elliot Road, and runoff from the east along Elliot Road. Flows leave the basins via a storm drain system along Elliot Road to the west.

The 100-year basins attenuate peak flows to reduce the size and cost of required downstream improvements. The basins have become a multi-use facility, being improved and maintained as City of Mesa parks.

Subsequent to these improvements, a channel was constructed providing an outfall from Ellsworth Road to the SR-202L drainage system.


Construction is complete. The project is owned, operated and maintained by the City of Mesa.

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