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Sonoqui Wash Improvements Phase II (Chandler Heights Rd to Crismon Rd)

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Past Public Meetings

• 9/15/2009
• 9/15/2009
• 5/12/2009
Project Contact: Mike Duncan
Region: SE
District: 1 - Jack Sellers
Phase: Construction

The project includes channelization of existing wash (main branch) from Chandler Heights Road to Riggs Road along the existing alignment, and the east branch from Hawes Road to Crismon Road along Riggs Road. The total length of the project is approximately 3.5 miles. The channel will be earth-lined with rock slope protection with 4:1 to 8:1 side slopes and a 50-foot bottom width. The project will include multi-use components such as equestrian and pedestrian trails.

The 100-year project is anticipated to remove the existing floodplain extending from Chandler Heights Road to Riggs Road, which includes 71 acres of land and 68 properties. Queen Creek operates and maintains the facility.

Phase II will be implemented in two sub-phases. Phase II-A from Chandler Heights Road to Ellsworth Road was completed by the District in 2012 at a cost of $17.7 million. Phase II-B extends from Ellsworth Rd. to Crismon Rd.


Project Phase II-A was completed between Chandler Heights Road and Ellsworth Road in June 2012. Phase II-B - Ellsworth Road to Crismon Road - Construction began in December 2017. Town of Queen Creek is leading and fully funding this Phase II-B. The channel construction for Phase II-B was completed in the Spring of 2019, and there will be an upcoming follow-up project for landscaping vegatation and other features.

Available Documents

Document Name Type Size
1a. Sonoqui Wash Phase 2 PDF 1.39 MB
1b. Sonoqui Wash Phase 2 Bridge Elevation PDF 2.22 MB
1c. Sonoqui Wash Phase 2 Multi-Use Chandler Rd to Riggs Rd PDF 5.52 MB
1d. Sonoqui Wash Phase 2 Multi-Use Riggs Rd to Crismon Rd PDF 5.95 MB
2a. Sonoqui Wash Phase 2 Concept A PDF 537 KB
2b. Sonoqui Wash Phase 2 Concept B PDF 514 KB
2c. Sonoqui Wash Phase 2 Environmental Considerations PDF 317 KB
2d. Sonoqui Wash Phase 2 Multi-Use Improvement Opportunities PDF 321 KB
2e. Sonoqui Wash Phase 2 PAAC Meeting #1 Public Comments PDF 24 KB
2f. Sonoqui Wash Phase 2 Photo Exhibit PDF 291 KB
2g. Sonoqui Wash Phase 2 Regional Context PDF 327 KB

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