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Rainbow Valley Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP)

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Currently there are no public meetings scheduled for this project.

Past Public Meetings

• 12/8/2009
• 6/3/2009
Project Contact: Douglas Williams
Region: W
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman

The Rainbow Valley Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP) encompasses approximately 515 plus square miles, which includes the cities of Avondale, Goodyear, and Buckeye as well as unincorporated Maricopa County. The Study area is generally bounded by the Sierra Estrella Mountains on the east, Gila River on the North, the Buckeye Hills/Maricopa Mountains on the west, and extends southward toward I-8.

Western Maricopa County is experiencing rapid growth. This growth is causing changes in the land use and is affecting the natural drainage in the Study Area. Thus, the purpose of this ADMP is to identify flooding hazards and to plan flood control infrastructure improvements ahead of development.

The ADMP will involve a series of public meetings. The focus of the first meeting is to request any information and flooding history from stakeholders within the study area and present the findings of any preliminary identified flooding hazards. The second meeting will present the alternatives under consideration to mitigate the identified flood hazards. The final meeting will present the selective alternative.

The first phase, which involved mapping of the study area of the ADMS/P, is complete. This phase was a critical step needed to develop the hydraulic models in the ADMS/P so the flooding hazards can be identified and then plans can be developed. The mapping was completed in 2007.


The District initiated a consultant contract to perform the Study, and will immediately begin data collection activities along with an update of the Waterman Wash hydrology model.

Available Documents

Document Name Type Size
Public Meeting Schedule PDF 189 KB
Public Meeting 1 - Presentation PDF 603 KB
Public Meeting 1 - Biological Resources PDF 704 KB
Public Meeting 1 - FEMA Floodplains PDF 621 KB
Public Meeting 1 - Flow Characteristics PDF 557 KB
Public Meeting 1 - Future Land Use Map PDF 1.53 MB
Public Meeting 1 - Open Space Resources PDF 442 KB
Public Meeting 1 - Parks & Recreation Resources PDF 451 KB
Public Meeting 1 - Study Area PDF 741 KB
Public Meeting 1 - Future Landscape Cultural Settings PDF 464 KB
Public Meeting 1 - Landscape Character Physical Settings PDF 472 KB
Public Meeting 2 - Proposed Floodplain Study Areas PDF 3.36 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Study Area PDF 1.98 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Estrella Planning Unit PDF 2.96 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Lum Wash Planning Unit PDF 2.29 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Mobile Planning Unit PDF 1.87 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Sonora Planning Unit PDF 2.21 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Waterman South Planning Unit PDF 1.12 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Waterman Wash Planning Units 1-5 PDF 2.13 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Proposed Alternative - New Regulations PDF 1.59 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Proposed Alternative - Pocket Basins PDF 1.28 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Proposed Alternative - Protect Major Wash PDF 1.46 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Proposed Alternative - Struct. Conveyance PDF 1.61 MB
Public Meeting 2 - Proposed Alternative - Struct. Storage PDF 1.61 MB

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