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Pinnacle Peak Road Channel (99th Ave. to Agua Fria River)

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Past Public Meetings

• 11/12/2009
Project Contact: Bobbie Ohler
Region: NW
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman

The District and the cities of Glendale and Peoria developed the Glendale and Peoria ADMP Update study to identify existing and future drainage and flooding problems in the watershed, and to develop cost-effective solutions to alleviate those problems. The ADMP Update recommended a number of solutions to flooding problems including a project along Pinnacle Peak Road from 87th Avenue to the Agua Fria River.

The City of Peoria is accomplishing the 100-year conveyance drainage component from 87th Avenue to 99th Avenue through development stipulations.

This project provides for drainage from 99th Avenue west to the project basins at the 103rd Avenue and the Ironwood Wash, and the basins outlet to the wash with an ultimate outlet at the Rose Garden Lane Basin. The project also provided the design for roadway improvements for Pinnacle Peak Road from Lake Pleasant Parkway to 107th Ave.

The District was the lead agency for project design and construction. The project construction was cost-shared between the city of Peoria and the District.


This project construction is complete, and the city of Peoria owns and maintains the project.

Available Documents

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Public Meeting 2009 - Existing Landscape Character PDF 488 KB
Public Meeting 2009 - Lake Pleasant Parkway Alternatives PDF 2.25 MB
Public Meeting 2009 - Recommended Alternative PDF 3.05 MB
Public Meeting 2009 - Regional Parks & Open Space Resources PDF 484 KB
Public Meeting 2009 - Site Analysis PDF 758 KB
Public Meeting 2009 - Typical Channel and Basin Graphics PDF 340 KB

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