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Higley Area Drainage Master Plan

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Project Contact: Felicia Terry
Region: SE
District: 1 - Denny Barney

This plan identified features to help mitigate the flooding along the Eastern Canal, the Consolidated Canal, and the Southern Pacific railroad, which is adjacent to Arizona Avenue, as well as flooding that occurs west of these features.

The recommended plan in the southern portion of the study area included outfall channels along the eastern side of the Eastern and Consolidated canals. These proposed channels would convey flood flows across the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) southerly to the East Maricopa Floodway. Five detention basins are also proposed in order to reduce the size of the channels.


The ADMP was completed. Construction of the Santan Freeway by the Arizona Department of Transportation has reduced some of the flows to this watershed. The Queen Creek Road Basin, recommended by this ADMP, was constructed and serves a dual function as the City of Chandler's Nozomi Park. An outfall for this basin/park has not been determined. Implementation of remaining ADMP elements is not anticipated.

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