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Maryvale Stadium West Inlet Channel

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Project Contact: Don Rerick
Region: W
District: 5 - Steve Gallardo

Flooding from the watershed north of the Grand Canal historically resulted in flooding of residences along its north bank and overtopping of the  canal. At the City of Phoenix's request, the District completed the Maryvale Flood Mitigation Study to recommend improvements to mitigate flooding along the Grand Canal between 43rd Avenue and 64th Avenue.

The study recommended the construction of a detention basin at 51st Avenue and the Grand Canal - and related collection and discharge facilities - providing a 10-year level of flood protection. As the City and the Maricopa County Stadium District were concurrently planning a Cactus League facility at 51st Avenue, the District entered into IGA 94014 with the City and the Stadium District, developing the stadium as a joint-use facility incorporating the recommended flood control basin. The City served as the lead agency for design and construction, and the District provided a cost share contribution.

A subsequent Maryvale Baseball Park Drainage report identified additional drainage requirements, and the District entered into IGA 99007 with the City for design and construction of the West Inlet Channel Project. The District served as lead agency for design and construction, and the City provided a cost shere contribution.

Owner and Maintenance: City of Phoenix
Resolution #:96-04
IGA#: FCD99007; FCD94014


Construction was completed in 2001.

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