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Durango Regional Conveyance Channel (75th Ave. to 107th Ave.)

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• 9/21/2010
Project Contact: Frank Hakari
Region: SW
District: 5 - Steve Gallardo
Phase: Construction

Construction has begun for Phase 2 of the Durango Regional Conveyance Channel, 75th Avenue to 107th Avenue, along the Elwood Street alignment. A partnership between City of Phoenix and Flood Control District, this project includes three basins and four miles of channel improvements, to include construction of new and upgrading of existing box culverts.

Scheduled to begin Monday, October 22, for approximately one month, 103rd Avenue will be closed between Country Place Boulevard and Raymond Street for crews to construct a box culvert in this area. Crews will also continue work in other locations along the alignment for excavation of retention basins and hauling of materials, so you may see trucks traveling to or from excavation sites over the course of the next couple of months.

The District completed the Durango Area Drainage Master Plan to develop and evaluate solutions to mitigate flooding hazards in the Durango drainage area. The study recommended a regional channel and basin in the vicinity of the Salt River Project Buckeye Feeder Canal to intercept storm water flows and provide an outfall to the Agua Fria River. The project would reduce flooding hazards and provide a 100-year outfall in the Durango drainage area.

This project constructs the portion of the recommended plan located between 75th Avenue and 107th Avenue, one-half mile north of the Broadway Road alignment. The channel was partially constructed as a series of linear retention basins by developers through efforts coordinated by the City of Phoenix. The Project includes design and construction of two basins along the channel alignment, additional channel segments, and additional box culverts.


The Project construction IGA and amendment between the District and the City of Phoenix is in place. The Project design has been updated and finalized. Construction has begun, and it is anticipated that construction will be complete by December 2019.

Available Documents

Document Name Type Size
0. Project Map pdf 2.6 MB
1. Construction Notice August 2018 pdf 149 KB
2. Construction Notice Closure 103rd Ave pdf 157KB
3. Construction Notice Closure 95thAve-Heber Rd to Elwood St pdf 3.86 MB
4. Construction Notice Closure 92nd Dr-Heber Rd to Elwood St PDF 156 KB

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