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City of Phoenix Dam No. 7 Rehabilitation

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Project Contact: Thomas Renckly
Region: N
District: 3 - Bill Gates

The City of Phoenix owns and operates four flood control dams that are of sufficient height and storage capacity to be classified as jurisdictional by the Arizona Department of Water Resources: Phoenix Detention Basin No. 7, East Park Dam, West Park Dam and North Mountain Flood Detention Dam No. 3.

Safety assessments of these dams performed by the City under IGA FCD 2004A018 recommended rehabilitation of Phoenix Detention Basin No. 7 and implementation of minor dam safety improvements of the remaining jurisdictional dams.

Phoenix Detention Basin No. 7, located in the North Mountain Preserve, provides flood protection to downstream areas for up to the 100-year flood event. This earth embankment dam is about 1,000 feet in length with a maximum height of 31 feet and a storage capacity of 120 acre-feet. An un-gated low level drain pipe (primary outlet) through the dam releases floodwaters captured in the impoundment at a rate of about 50 cubic feet per second (cfs) to a downstream natural channel.

Dam rehabilitation included adding a central filter into the existing earth dam, repair work of the dam embankment, removal of existing trees and large tree roots in accordance with current dam safety practices, and installation of new trash racks on the primary outlet of each of the four City jurisdictional dams.


Construction was completed in June, 2009.

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