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Queen Creek Road Basin

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Project Contact: Tim Murphy
Region: SE
District: 1 - Jack Sellers

The Queen Creek Road Basin was identified as one element of the recommended plan of the Higley Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP). The off-line basin alleviates flooding problems along the eastern boundary of the Consolidated Canal as well as flooding to the west caused by possible overtopping of the canal from runoff generated within the study area. The completed basin will retain approximately 158 acre-feet of storage volume for up to a 100-year frequency storm event.

The City of Chandler is the lead agency for project design and construction, and will own, operate and maintain the completed basin. The City plans to develop the basin site into a regional park. The District entered an agreement to cost share in basin excavation.


Basin excavation to provide retention volume is complete. Construction of park improvements by the City of Chandler have been deferred until Chandler has funds available.

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