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Old Cross Cut Canal

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Project Contact: Charlie Klenner
Region: Central
District: 3 - Bill Gates

The construction of the Hohokam Freeway (SR-143) in the early 1990s necessitated the relocation of a portion of the Old Cross Cut Canal. In addition to its Salt River Project function in transferring water from the Arizona Canal to the Grand Canal, the Old Cross Cut had served a flood control purpose in conveying local drainage to the Salt River.

The Old Cross Cut Canal project between McDowell Road and the Salt River involved the relocation of the canal and improvements to its flood control function. In conjunction with the design and construction of the East Papago and Hohokam freeways, the Arizona Department of Transportation designed and constructed the relocated Old Cross Cut Canal. The relocated canal's flood conveyance capacity was increased from 2500 cfs to 4100 cfs at McDowell Road, and 4900 cfs at the Grand Canal. The District and the City of Phoenix shared the cost of increasing the canal's capacity.

The upstream portion of the project between Indian School Road and McDowell Road involved the renovation of the Old Cross Cut Canal along the 48th Street corridor. It includes approximately 11,000 linear feet of covered concrete box culvert, which ultimately conveys storm flows from the watershed to the Salt River via the downstream Old Cross Cut improvements. The culvert corridor is used by the City of Phoenix as a linear park. The District, City of Phoenix, and Salt River Project partnered in the implementation of this project, with the District and the City of Phoenix sharing project costs.

The Arcadia Drainage Improvements Project converted the open ditch along Arcadia Drive between Indian School Road and the Arizona Canal to a 120-inch cast-in-place pipe, for irrigation water transfer, as well as a 102-inch RGRCP for future drainage of the Arcadia area north of the Arizona Canal. An additional storm drain system, the Lafayette Interceptor Drain, has since been connected to this system.

The project was constructed in phases:
Phase I: Thomas Road Crossing, completed 1996;
Phase II: South of Thomas Road, completed 1997;
Phase III: Thomas Road to Osborn Road, completed 1998; and
Phase IV: Osborn Road to Indian School Road, completed 1999;
Phase V: Arcadia Drive Drainage Improvements, Indian School Road to Arizona Canal, completed 2011.

The District assumed operation and maintenance responsibilities for the concrete box and concrete-lined channel sections of the downstream project. Operation and maintenance responsibilities of this upstream project are shared by the District and the City of Phoenix.

Owner and Maintenance: Flood Control District and City of Phoenix
Resolution #: 89-14, FCD2008R012
IGA #: FCD90007(A,B,C), FCD90001, FCD87020A, FCD 85003, FCD15064, FCD2009A025, FCD2009A025A, FCD2010A003


Construction was completed in 2011.

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