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Tatum Wash Basin

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Project Contact: Afshin Ahouraiyan
Region: NE
District: 3 - Bill Gates

Stormwater runoff from the Phoenix Mountains Preserve flows northeast along Tatum Wash towards Indian Bend Wash. Historically, this caused a substantial flooding hazard to the residential area northwest of the Shea and Tatum Boulevard intersection, and additional study by the District revealed underlying flood hazards to other area neighborhoods during 100-year events. The District and the City constructed a sediment trap basin south of Shea Boulevard and west of 46th Street as the first phase in implementing what was intended to become a 100-year solution. The basin removes sediment from stormwater, allowing the previously-constructed storm drain in Shea Boulevard to act as the discharge point for the system, while reducing sediment deposit on Shea Boulevard during storm events. The District was the lead agency on the project and a 50% cost share partner with the City of Phoenix.

The second phase of the system, which would have created a 100-year level of protection by constructing basins in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, was not implemented due to a lack of community support.

Owner and Maintenance: City of Phoenix
Resolution #: 96-08
IGA #: FCD96027(A)


The sediment basin was completed in 1998. The second phase of the project, which would implement the 100-year solution, was not constructed.

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