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Sossaman Channel Improvements (Baseline Rd. to Guadalupe Rd.)

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Project Contact: Mike Duncan
Region: E
District: 2 - Steve Chucri

The segment of the existing Sossaman Channel between Baseline Road and Guadalupe Road is earthen with concrete grade-control structures. It was designed and built as part of a Maricopa County Highway Department project for Sossaman Road in 1981, to convey regional storm water flows. It is located in the mid-length portion of the three-mile-long Sossaman/Guadalupe channel and basin system, which the District owns, operates and maintains.

District staff have identified cracking, undermining and buckling of some of the concrete structures, erosion of channel bottom and banks, nuisance water ponding areas and other evidence of channel functional distresses. During a storm event, the structural failure of a channel feature could compromise the channel’s structural integrity and the level of flood safety provided by the Sossaman/Guadalupe system.

This project is intended to correct these deficiencies and extend the life of the Sossaman Channel.


Construction was completed at the end of May 2010.

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