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Powerline/Vineyard Road/Rittenhouse FRS Rehabilitation or Replacement

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Project Contact: Carlos Encinas
Region: SE
District: 1 - Jack Sellers
Phase: Design & Engineering

The Powerline, Vineyard Road, and Rittenhouse (PVR) Flood Retarding Structures (FRS) are located in northwest Pinal County, south of Apache Junction and parallel to the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal between Baseline Road and Ocotillo Road. Per its agreements with the Soil Conservation Service (now Natural Resources Conservation Service, or NRCS), the District operates and maintains the structures. The FRS protects approximately 72 square miles of residential, commercial, and agricultural land in Maricopa and Pinal counties from being flooded, and protects structures such as the CAP canal, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, and the Loop 202 Santan Freeway.

The Arizona Department of Water Resources reclassified the PVR FRS as "high hazard potential structures” meaning they protect substantial amounts of infrastructure and a large population. In July 2002, the District prepared a Final Failure Mode Analysis Report, Structures Assessment Program Phase I (FFMA) that identified defects in the structures due to the age of the structures, proximity to earth fissures, land subsidence of the area, and cracking caused by drying shrinkage. The FFMA recommended rehabilitation of the structures which could include structural improvements to the dam or replacement of the dams with channels, basins or other flood control facilities.

A planning study was started in 2009 to evaluate alternatives for the rehabilitation of the structures. During the planning study, the alternative selected was to replace the Powerline FRS with a channel that flows into the Vineyard Road FRS floodpool, convert Rittenhouse FRS to a levee that discharges into Vineyard Road FRS floodpool, and then to raise and rehabilitate Vineyard Road FRS. However during the design phase, it was determined that the Rittenhouse Levee would not function properly so Rittenhouse FRS will remain a dam. Therefore, the selected design project is for the Powerline FRS to be replaced with a channel and the Vineyard Road and Rittenhouse FRSs raised and rehabilitated.


The Powerline Channel and the Vineyard Road FRS raise and rehabilitation is currently being designed. The Powerline Channel is being designed in a separate project. The Vineyard Road FRS Rehabilitation Project is being designed in 3 phases. The 1st phase has been designed and constructed, which involved excavating and processing the soil material needed for constructing the embankment. A Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) has been contracted to help with the design and has constructed Phase 1. Phase 2 involves the embankment raise and Phase 3 involves the reconstructing the emergency spillways and principal outlet. Phase 2 and 3 are being designed concurrently with final plans being completed the spring of 2020.

Rittenhouse FRS Rehabilitation is currently not being designed.

The 5.5 mile long Vineyard Road FRS construction will involve an upstream filter, raising the embankment approximately 12 feet, new foundation, reconstruction of 2 earthen emergency spillways with concrete structures, and a new principal outlet.

Contact the Project Manager for additional information, Carlos Encinas, P.E., 602-506-4602 or

Available Documents

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0. 2015-01 Powerline FRS Environmental Assessment - Final PDF 4.76 MB
0. 2015-01 Vineyard & Rittenhouse Environmental Assessment PDF 5.74 MB
1. 2015-01 Project Fact Sheet PDF 3.55 MB
2a. Public Meeting 3 Presentation - February 12, 2013 PDF 6 MB
2b. Project Fact Sheet PDF 3.3 MB
3a. Public Meeting 2 Question & Answer Session PDF 228 KB
4. Public Meeting 2 Presentation - February 1, 2011 PDF 1.6 MB
5a. Exhibit - Existing Conditions at Each FRS PDF 22.2 MB
5b. Exhibit - Overall Project Area Map PDF 2.28 MB
5c. Exhibit - Regional Context Map PDF 12 MB
5d. Exhibit - Sample Alternative 1 PDF 1.87 MB
5e. Exhibit - Sample Alternative 2 PDF 1.85 MB
5f. Exhibit - Sample Alternative 3 PDF 1.84 MB
5g. Exhibit - Site Analysis PDF 11.7 MB
5h. Project Site Map PDF 2.06 MB
5j. Public Meeting 1 Presentation - November 4, 2010 PDF 6.2 MB
6. Project Comment Sheet PDF 241 KB
7a. Stakeholder Meeting 1 Minutes - August 26, 2010 PDF 61.2 KB
7b. Stakeholder Meeting 1 Presentation - August 26, 2010 PDF 2.46 MB
7c. Stakeholder Meeting 2 Minutes - September 13, 2010 PDF 478 KB
7d. Stakeholder Meeting 2 Presentation - September 13, 2010 PDF 11.5 MB

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