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Sonoqui Wash Improvements Phase III (Main Branch)

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• 7/29/2010
• 1/20/2010
Project Contact: Mike Duncan
Region: SE
District: 1 - Jack Sellers

The Queen Creek / Sonoqui Wash Hydraulic Master Plan recommended channelization of Sonoqui Wash.

The third intended phase of channelization includes the main branch of Sonoqui Wash, from Empire Road at Ellsworth Road, northwest to Riggs Road at approximately Hawes Road. This section is located in unincorporated Maricopa County, and the District anticipates funding the project unilaterally. The proposed channel will be designed to collect and convey the 100-year flow, remove 345 acres and 217 homes from the floodplain, and provide protection to roads and other infrastructure.


The Main Branch Phase IIIA1 from Riggs Road to Empire Boulevard and Phase IIIA2 from Empire Blvd to Hunt Highway in Pinal County construction has been completed. The West Branch Phase IIIB extends from Riggs Road to Empire Boulevard along 202nd Street. The Phase IIIB construction was completed in September 2016. The resulting floodplain map revision has an effective date of August 11, 2017.

Available Documents

Document Name Type Size
01-2015 Construction Notice PDF 68.8
Basin Landscape - 202nd St PDF 897 KB
Basin Landscape - Main Branch PDF 648 KB
Channel Cross Sections PDF 1.16 MB
Channel Cross Sections (black and white) PDF 1.13 MB
Construction Newsletter August 2012 PDF 192.59 KB
Pipe Cross Sections PDF 1.21 MB
Pipe Cross Sections (black and white) PDF 1.21 mb
Sonoqui Wash Phase III Mailer - Sept. 2013 PDF 4.27 MB
Sonoqui Wash Phase III map PDF

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