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Queen Creek / Sonoqui Wash Hydraulic Master Plan

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Project Contact: Mike Duncan
Region: SE
District: 1 - Jack Sellers

Historically, Queen Creek and Sonoqui Wash lacked sufficient capacity to contain 100-year storm events. In anticipation of development along the washes, the District initiated the Queen Creek and Sonoqui Wash Hydraulic Master Plan (HMP) to recommend a solution accommodating 100-year, 24-hour rainfall events. In addition, the HMP was required to evaluate opportunities for multi-use and recreational facilities, and aesthetic features.

The District incorporated input from the community, developers, municipalities and other agencies in formulating this plan, with the towns of Queen Creek and Gilbert being principal stakeholders.

The preferred alternative recommended by this study included improvements to Queen Creek between the East Maricopa Floodway and Hawes Road, and improvements to Sonoqui Wash within Maricopa County.


The HMP was completed in 2000. Projects are being implemented in phases. HMP reports are available at the District's library.

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