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East Mesa Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP) Update

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• 5/8/2012
Project Contact: Jennifer Pokorski
Region: SE
District: 1 - Denny Barney

The East Mesa Area Drainage Master Plan Update (ADMPU) will develop and recommend context-sensitive and cost-effective strategies to mitigate flood hazards and protect public safety in a 58-square-mile portion of southeastern Maricopa County.

This area was previously studied as part of the East Mesa Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP), completed in 1998. Since then many of the recommended drainage features identified in the ADMP, such as the Elliot Road Detention Basin/Outfall Channel and Ellsworth Road Channel, have been constructed and other elements are under construction. In the same period, the region experienced widespread residential and commercial development. These changes necessitated the update of the Area Drainage Master Plan.

As the first step to update the ADMP, the District completed the ADMP Hydrology Update Study in August of 2011. The updated hydrology model – the technical rainfall and water circulation data for the study area – serves as the basis for the flood hazard analysis.

The study area is bounded by Elliot Road on the north, the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal on the east, Ocotillo Road and Rittenhouse Channel on the south, and the East Maricopa Floodway and Loop 202 Santan Freeway on the west. The study area includes portions of unincorporated Maricopa and Pinal counties, and the communities of Mesa and Queen Creek.


The East Mesa ADMP Update was completed in March 2014. The study area was divided into three sub-areas for the purposes of developing solutions to the unique flooding problems for each area. 1) SR 24 Sub-area: The SR24 sub-area extended from the Powerline Floodway to the future State Route 24 alignment. This area experiences flooding of properties and roadways during nearly every storm event. The District will partner with the Maricopa County Department of Transportation to complete a Design Concept for an interim and an ultimate solution to the flooding in this area. 2) Ellsworth Sub-area: This area drains to the Ellsworth Channel and is bounded by the State Route 24 alignment to the north and Germann Road to the south. Significant flooding is documented along Pecos Road. The ADMP Update recommended construction of drainage facilities along Pecos Road. The District and the City of Mesa are developing a Design Concept to determine the configuration of the drainage facilities along the Pecos Road corridor. 3) Rittenhouse Sub-area: This area is within the Town of Queen Creek from south of Germann Road to Ocotillo Road. Flooding in this area will worsen as existing agriculture land develops into neighborhoods. The ADMP Update recommended increasing the stormwater retention standard for new development and constructing a basin at the future site of the Queen Creek East Park.

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