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Rittenhouse Basin

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• 9/17/2002
Project Contact: Scott Vogel
Region: SE
District: 1 - Denny Barney

The District completed a study addressing the capacity of its East Maricopa Floodway (EMF) that identified several drainage and flooding problems along the EMF. The EMF's design capacity of 8,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) would be unable to support existing condition 100-year flows of 16,000 cfs. The study proposed to mitigate the capacity problem by constructing two large, off-line detention basins and associated channel and structure improvements: the Rittenhouse and Chandler Heights basins.

The Rittenhouse Basin (located near Power and Williams Field roads) mitigates flows from the upstream EMF, while the Chandler Heights Basin (located near Ocotillo and Higley roads) would mitigate flows from both the Sonoqui and Queen Creek Washes.

The District was the lead agency for all design and construction-related tasks. Both basin sites are expected to be utilized by the Town of Gilbert for park facilities upon completion of construction, and following rights-of-way purchase by the Town.


Basin construction was completed in 2010. The Town of Gilbert has purchased a recreational use easement over the basin, intended for future park use. The town is responsible for maintenance of the basin.

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