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Guadalupe FRS

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Project Contact: Dave Degerness
Region: E
District: 5 - Steve Gallardo

Guadalupe Flood Retarding Structure (FRS) is an earthen structure consisting of three dams, North Dam No. 1, North Dam No. 2 and East Dam. The FRS detains floodwater at the mouth of Pima Wash and releases it to the Western Canal via an underground pipe. The reservoir pool is grass-lined and used for part of the golf course for the Arizona Grand Resort. The structure is 2,910 feet in length and has a height of 35 feet, with a storage capacity of 252 acre-feet. The U.S. Soil Conservation Service, now the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), was the federal sponsor. The District and the U.S. Soil Conservation Service were cost share partners on this project. The Arizona Grand Resort is responsible for the maintenance of the emergency spillway, erosion control on the embankments and landscaping. The District is responsible for the structural and functional integrity of the structure.

Operation and Maintenance: Flood Control District and Arizona Grand Resort
Authorization: Watershed Protection and Flood Control Act, Public Law 566
Federal Sponsor: U.S. Soil Conservation Service (NRCS)
IGA #: FCD87044, FCD87044A


The project was completed in 1975.

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