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Alluvial Fan Refinement Study

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Project Contact: Bing Zhao
Region: Entire County
District: 1 - Jack Sellers 2 - Steve Chucri 3 - Bill Gates 4 - Clint L. Hickman 5 - Steve Gallardo

The study is to refine the District’s current Piedmont Flood Hazard Assessment Model (PFHAM) methodology and identify engineering methods to: 1) determine flood hazards on alluvial fan landforms; 2) recommend hazard mitigation measures; 3) further refine the landform designations; and 4) make recommendations for updating the PFHAM. The recommendations are expected to accomplish the following:

1. Develop criteria by which hazards on alluvial fans are quantified and characterized.
2. Indicate distinguishing characteristics, identifications and methods of delineations on such piedmont landforms as alluvial plains and relict incised fans (older fans with stable, deep channels).
3. Identify parameters to locate the toe of fans, beginning and ending of alluvial plains and other piedmont landforms listed in PFHAM.
4. Recommend procedures for modeling hydrologic and hydraulic processes on piedmont surfaces that reflect an appropriate level of flow continuity. This would include sheet flow, coalescing (interconnecting) fans and incised fans.
5. Recommend mitigation measures appropriate for the identified hazards.


The study is completed and the report is available at the District's Engineering Library.

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