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East Maricopa Floodway

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Project Contact: Charlie Klenner
Region: SE
District: 1 - Jack Sellers 2 - Steve Chucri

Under the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, Public Law 566, the East Maricopa Floodway (EMF) was designed and constructed. The EMF is a compacted earth, concrete and riprap channel that provides 100-year flood protection for the Williams Chandler watershed area. The U.S. Soil Conservation Service (now the Natural Resource Conservation Service, NRCS) was the federal sponsor and the design and construction lead for the project. The 27.5 mile long EMF was constructed in 6 reaches between the Gila River Indian Community at the southern/downstream end (Reach 1) to Brown Road and Greenfield Road at the northern/upstream end (Reach 6). Generally, the District is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the EMF in accordance with its IGAs with the Soil Conservation Service. However, a large section of Reach 5 is operated as a golf course and is the maintenance responsibility of the private property owner.

Operation and Maintenance: District, Private Parties
Authorization: Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, Public Law 566
IGA #/Contract #: 50-8A02-2-00275, FCD88010, FCD86023, FCD87027, FCD87028, FCD88005, FCD88006, FCD93010.


The project was completed in 1989. A low flow channel has been designed for a segment from Germann Road to Williams Field Road (Power Road), and the related construction is subject to the availabilty of funding.

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