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Indian School Rd. Drain (107th Ave. to Agua Fria River)

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Project Contact: Charlie Klenner
Region: W
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman

As part of the Agua Fria channelization project and to increase flood protection, a channel was constructed along the north side of Indian School Road from 107th Avenue to the Agua Fria River. The concrete lined channel intercepts 150 cfs and provides 100-year flood protection to the area south of Indian School Road. The project also included a connection for agricultural drainage for the Salt River Project (SRP) to replace a previously existing drainage ditch that was removed for the project. The District was the construction lead for the project and while the Maricopa County Highway Department and SRP were project partners, there was no cost share agreement. In accordance with the IGA, the District is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the channel until such time that the Maricopa County Highway Department transfers ownership of the road and its rights-of-way to another jurisdiction.

Owner and Maintenance: District
IGA #: FCD87031, FCD87045


The project was completed in 1989.

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