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Agua Fria Watercourse Master Plan (WCMP)

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• 4/20/2005
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• 10/12/2001
• 10/10/2001
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Project Contact: Douglas Williams
Region: NW & SW
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman 5 - Steve Gallardo

The Agua Fria River is characterized by large flood flows, high sediment movement and a floodplain that can shift radically from side to side during large flood events.

In response to the changing river character and the increasing potential for flood damages to existing and new development, the District initiated the Agua Fria Watercourse Master Plan in the late 1990s. A Channelization Alternative was developed in the early 2000s as an addendum to the Agua Fria WCMP. The Channelization Addendum outlined an approach to managing flooding while providing recreation and economic development opportunities. The Channelization Addendum included a design for a 1200-foot wide corridor that will incorporate a flood channel, a mid-terrace floodplain and a 100-foot wide landscape buffer on either side. The corridor will provide a continuous river way for water conveyance as well as providing multi-use opportunities for trails, parks and open space recreation. The entire channelized section will provide protection from a 100-year flood.

The Agua Fria WCMP extends from Lake Pleasant to the Gila River. The Channelization Addendum includes the portion of the river from Indian School Road in the south to the Central Arizona Project siphon crossing in the north.


The Agua Fria WCMP was completed in 2001. The Agua Fria WCMP Channelization Addendum was completed in 2005.

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Agua Fria Past Present & Future PDF 45.9 MB
Executive Summary PDF 155 MB

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