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Guadalupe Box and Channel

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Project Contact: Charlie Klenner
Region: E
District: 2 - Steve Chucri

In order to convey flows from the Sossaman Channel to the East Maricopa Floodway (EMF), the District constructed the Guadalupe Box and Channel. The project runs along the north side of Guadalupe Road, from Sossaman Road to just east of Power Road, and outfalls at the EMF.

The District acted as the lead agency for project construction, with the City of Mesa and the Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) sharing project costs. The District maintains the channel along the north side of Guadalupe Road; the City of Mesa and MCDOT maintain the culvert crossings under Sossaman Road and Guadalupe Road.

Operation and Maintenance: City of Mesa, MCDOT, District
IGA #: 89005


The project was completed in 1989.

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