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Skunk Creek Watercourse Master Plan

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Project Contact: Douglas Williams
Region: NE
District: 3 - Bill Gates

The Flood Control District of Maricopa County teamed with the City of Phoenix to develop a Watercourse Master Plan (WCMP) for Skunk Creek upstream of the Central Arizona Project crossing. A WCMP evaluates and recommends strategies and actions to manage flooding while enhancing the quality of life for the community.

Study goals included:
(1) protecting existing and future residents from the 100-year flood event and possible damages associated with channel erosion of Skunk Creek,
(2) considering structural, non-structural, and a combination of structural and non-structural alternatives,
(3) minimizing future expenditures of public funds for flood control and emergency management,
(4) conforming with the City of Phoenix's North Black Canyon Corridor Plan, and
(5) considered multiple-use opportunities for floodplain areas.


The WCMP was completed in 2001 and adopted by the District's Board of the Directors.

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