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Skunk Creek Channel

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Project Contact: Charlie Klenner
Region: NW
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman 3 - Bill Gates

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Phoenix, Arizona and Vicinity (including New River) Plan recommended improvements to Skunk Creek to mitigate historical flooding hazards.

Under this plan's recommendations, two levees and channel improvements were constructed in Skunk Creek. The levees are located near Interstate-17 at approximately the Jomax Road alignment. The levees are maintained by the District. (IGA 77001/221 Agreement)

Bank improvements were made to the east bank of Skunk Creek between the confluence of the Arizona Canal Diversion Channel (ACDC) and the confluence with New River, near the Peoria Sports Complex. The channel improvements were constructed with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and the City of Peoria in conjunction with the SR-101L and 83rd Avenue Bridge projects. The channel improvements provide 100-year flood protection for the Peoria Sports Complex and allowed for a shorter bridge across Skunk Creek at 83rd Avenue. The District was the design and construction lead for the channelization project and the 83rd Avenue project. The District is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the channel, and the City of Peoria is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the 83rd Avenue Bridge. (IGA 86027)

The Skunk Creek Master Plan recommended in August 1995 that additional improvements be implemented to sections of Skunk Creek. The improvements consisted of reshaping of the channel, constructing grade control drop structures and armoring any unlined channel banks within the area of approximately 51st Avenue to 74th Avenue along Skunk Creek. The District was the construction lead and in accordance with the project agreements, the City of Glendale was a cost share partner. The City of Glendale is responsible for general operation and maintenance of the project. (IGA 96003 and 96004)

The next section of Skunk Creek to receive bank improvements was the west bank between Skunk Creek’s confluence with the Arizona Canal Diversion Channel (ACDC) and New River along the Peoria Sports Complex. The City of Peoria and the District were cost share partners, and the District was the construction lead. The District is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the improvements. (IGA 98002)

Recent improvements to Skunk Creek included construction of a low flow channel within the limits of Skunk Creek from 75th Avenue to the New River confluence, and a low flow channel in the ACDC from 73rd Avenue to the confluence with Skunk Creek. The project involved a partnership between the District and the City of Peoria. The low flow channel provides for better conveyance of nuisance flows in Skunk Creek, reduces vector control problems, protects habitat and reduces operation and maintenance costs. The District was the lead agency for the design and construction of this project, and the City of Peoria is responsible for routine operation and maintenance of the completed project. (IGA 2000A019)


The project is complete.

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