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Price Drain

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Project Contact: Tim Murphy
Region: SE
District: 1 - Jack Sellers

The Price Drain system was implemented to provide drainage for SR-101 and to relieve flooding along the historic Gila Drain. The project consists of a bored tunnel with ancillary channels, outlets, collector pipelines, drop shafts and connecting pipelines from the vicinity of Superstition Freeway at Price Road to an outlet into the Salt River. The system additionally includes headworks and a storm drain from the previously-existing Carriage Lane detention basin, and connections to the Broadway Road Storm Drain and the Superstition Freeway Channel. The Price Road Drain extends from approximately Carriage Lane Basin to an outfall at the Salt River.

The project was funded by the Arizona Department of Transportation, the District, and the cities of Mesa and Chandler.

Owner and Maintenance: Arizona Department of Transportation
IGA #: FCD87004


The project was completed in 1993.

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