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Cloud Rd. and Sossaman Rd. Basin and Outlet

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Project Contact: Tim Murphy
Region: SE
District: 1 - Jack Sellers

Flooding hazards have historically threatened the area bounded approximately by Chandler Heights Road to the north, Power Road to the west, Sossaman Road to the east and Cloud Road to the south, and have caused flooding of property. A study conducted by the Town of Queen Creek indicated insufficient drainage capacity in the area and recommended the implementation of this project, including a basin southeast of Cloud Road / Sossaman Road intersection, and an outlet north along Sossaman Road to Sonoqui Wash.


The District entered an agreement with the Town of Queen Creek in May 2009 for cost-sharing the design of the project. The Town is the lead agency for this design effort. Design commenced in October 2009. The Town and District finalized an agreement for cost share of construction. Design was completed and project advertised for bid. Construction began in April 2011 and is completed.

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