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Lower Indian Bend Wash Area Drainage Master Study

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Past Public Meetings

• 11/8/2017
• 11/7/2017
• 8/25/2016
• 8/24/2016
• 10/3/2013
• 10/2/2013
Project Contact: Afshin Ahouraiyan
Region: Central
District: 1 - Jack Sellers 2 - Steve Chucri 3 - Bill Gates

The Flood Control District of Maricopa County (District) in association with City of Scottsdale is conducting a regional drainage study of the central and southern area of Scottsdale which also includes portions of Phoenix, Tempe, and Paradise Valley named the Lower Indian Bend Wash Area Drainage Master Study/Plan (LIBW ADMS/P).

Study Area

  • The study includes approximately 27 square miles located primarily within the City of Scottsdale with portions in the City of Phoenix, City of Tempe and Town of Paradise Valley. The area is approximately bounded by Shea Blvd (north), the Granite Reef Wash watershed (east), the Salt River (south) and 56th Street (west) (study area map).
  • The area is mainly residential with commercial corridors along major roadways.
  • Portions of the study area along the Arizona Canal are in the designated Federal Emergency Management Agency 100-year floodplain map.
Need for Study
  • In response to heavy rainfall in September of 1995, the District and City of Scottsdale conducted the Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix study in late 1990s to address the drainage problems and flooding of homes in several neighborhood in southwest Scottsdale.
  • Major drainage features that were recommended because of the study were Oak Street and Osborn Road storm drains. These were constructed in late 1990s.
  • Continued drainage issues exist in South Scottsdale and areas that were not studied under the Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix study and there is a need to re-assess the flooding in the area.
  • Since the 1990s, better drainage modeling tools as well as new rainfall data and contour mapping are available today for better identification of drainage issues.
Project Goals
  • Identify and qualify potential drainage and flooding issues in the study area by development of a comprehensive list of known flooding problems impacting the study area and documenting the potential need for flood control measures.
  • Develop a comprehensive hydrologic model to quantify the drainage and flooding hazards within the study area.
  • Re-study of the designated FEMA floodplain along AZ canal north of Camelback Road to Indian Bend Wash. The current floodplain is approximate and does not include the depth of flooding and with this study and newer topographic mapping, a more defined limit of floodplain that included depths of flooding is anticipated.
  • If necessary, a drainage master plan will be developed for the flooding problems identified in ADMS.
Get Involved

Residents who live and work in the study area have intimate knowledge of area drainage conditions and flooding problems. Please share any information you have on drainage and flooding conditions with the project manager of this study, listed at the top of the page under "project contact."


The Lower Indian Bend Wash Area Drainage Master Study started in February 2012. A comprehensive list of known flooding issues has been gathered. Public meetings were held in September of 2013 where input on drainage and flooding problems were received from residents of the area. A hydrologic/hydraulic analysis has been completed and results of the analysis were shared with the public in 20016, as well as potential drainage solutions for the identified draiange hazards in the area. The final set of public meetings were held in November of 2017 where the recommended drainage master plan was presented to the public. The study was completed in December 2017 and the final LIBW ADMS/P Area Drainage Master Study/Plan is available on District's web-site.

Available Documents

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0.LIBW Nov 2017 Meetings Presentation PPTX 82 MB
0.Public Meeting #3 Handout - Lower Indian Bend Wash ADMP PDF 382 K
1.LIBW_Postcard_Nov2017-FRONT PDF 580 KB
2.August 2016 Meeting Presentation PPTX 30 MB
2.Chaparral Road Area PDF 2.8 MB
2.Invergordon Road / Cheney Drive Area PDF 2.7 MB
2.Localized Improvement Areas PDF 2.9 MB
2.Meeting Handout PDF 556 K
2.Paradise Valley Wash Area PDF 2.7 MB
2.Study Results Map PDF 4.5 MB
2.Tempe / South Scottsdale Area PDF 2.6 MB
3.August 2016 Public Meetings Notice PDF 30 K
4.October 2013 Meeting PDF 11.5 MB
5.Study area map PDF 3.8 MB

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