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Upper East Fork Cave Creek Area Drainage Master Study

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Project Contact: Tim Murphy
Region: NE
District: 3 - Bill Gates

The Upper East Fork Cave Creek area is within an alluvial fan, characterized by numerous small drainage features approximating an overland flow condition.

The District, in partnership with the City of Phoenix and Maricopa County, completed the Upper East Fork Cave Creek Area Drainage Master Study to: (1) document the status of existing area runoff; (2) identify and evaluate alternatives for providing 100-year flood protection (one-percent chance of occurring in a given year); (3) identify improvements needed to implement the recommended alternative; and (4) develop cost estimates and preliminary designs for the proposed plan.

Four alternatives were considered: (1) a nonstructural alternative emphasizing rights-of-way purchases and regulatory measures; (2) improvements to the designated FEMA floodway to contain flood flows within the floodway; (3) underground collectors along flood paths to minimize permanent disruption of existing neighborhoods; and (4) a multi-use alternative emphasizing joint use of floodways for flood management and recreation. The fourth alternative was recommended, including a three-mile-long native desert parkway along Upper East Fork Cave Creek, similar in concept to the Indian Bend Wash project, but using native vegetation. Additional recommended features included a 9th Street Drainage System and laterals along Bell Road.


The study was completed in 1987.

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