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Queen Creek Area Drainage Master Study

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Project Contact: Douglas Williams
Region: SE
District: 1 - Jack Sellers

To identify area flooding hazards and propose mitigation solutions, the District initiated the Queen Creek Area Drainage Master Study (ADMS). The ADMS identified four key area flooding issues: (1) the East Maricopa Floodway lacked adequate capacity for the 100-year flood event; (2) flood hazard areas existed associated with Queen Creek, Sonoqui Wash, the Southern Pacific Railroad and the San Tan Mountain foothills; (3) exising levees along Queen Creek and Sonoqui Wash in the downstream portion of the watershed were structurally unstable; and (4) numerous local flooding problems existed.

The ADMS proposed solutions including: (1) regional detention basins; (2) Queen Creek and Sonoqui Wash improvements; (3) San Tan structures; (4) drainageways; and (5) onsite retention.


The study was completed by the District in 1991. Recommended solutions have been partially implemented.

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