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Upper Cave Creek / Apache Wash Watercourse Master Plan

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Project Contact: Douglas Williams
Region: N
District: 3 - Bill Gates

The District, in partnership with the City of Phoenix, initiated the Upper Cave Creek / Apache Wash Watercourse Master Plan (WCMP) in 1998. The WCMP study area included Cave Creek from Cave Buttes Dam upstream to the Carefree Highway, as well as the lower portions of Paradise Wash, Apache Wash and Desert Hills Wash (between Carefree Highway and Cave Buttes Dam). The study considered an area bounded by a 500-foot perimeter outside the known floodplains of each of these watercourses. Portions of Cave Creek upstream of the Carefree Highway were excluded from the study at the request of the Town of Cave Creek.

The primary WCMP goal involved protecting existing and future residents from the 100-year flood event (one-percent chance of occurring in a given year) and damages associated with potential lateral migration of the watercourses. To achieve this end, the WCMP developed and evaluated structural and non-structural alternatives.

The recommended WCMP includes a non-structural alternative: allowing the watercourse to be sustained in its natural state. The WCMP recommended a non-encroachment area, including a long-term erosion hazard zone and 100-year floodplain.


The WCMP was completed in 2001. Maintenance of the recommended non-encroachment area is dependent upon enforcement by partner / stakeholder agencies.

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