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Litchfield Park Storm Drain System

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Project Contact: Don Rerick
Region: W
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman

The project consists of storm drains within Litchfield Road, Neolin Avenue and Fairway Drive, an open channel along Fairway Drive, and flood control improvements to ‘The Lake,’ located at the intersection of Litchfield Road and Villa Nueva Drive. The project provides a 100-year level of protection and will reduce flooding, benefiting about five hundred homes, two municipal buildings, three churches and one school within the Litchfield Park. In addition, the project will reduce flooding within the neighboring communities of Avondale and Goodyear. Flooding on the Indian School Road Bypass will be reduced, increasing traffic safety.

Intergovernmental Agreement FCD 98010 was entered into by the Litchfield Park and the Flood Control District, to cost share in the project implementation, for which the City is the lead.


The drainage system is complete from Indian School Road Bypass to Wigwam Boulevard. Future improvements will extend the storm drains from Wigwam Boulevard to Fairway Drive, and west on Fairway Drive, to collect storm water flows from the north. The City of Litchfield Park owns, operates and maintains the project.

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