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Completed Floodplain Delineations

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Project Contact: Katina Castillo
Region: Entire County
District: 1 - Jack Sellers 2 - Steve Chucri 3 - Bill Gates 4 - Clint L. Hickman 5 - Steve Gallardo

Since its inception, the District has delineated over 4,100 miles of floodplains. The results of the District's floodplain delineation studies are submitted to FEMA for approval prior to flood insurance rate maps being updated. Proposed floodplains are indicated by "pending floodplain" designations on the District's Structures and Property Viewer . Note that viewing these floodplains requires the user to zoom to the area of interest and select the "FEMA Floodplains" layer.


To obtain information regarding delineated floodplains, please see the Floodplain Management section of this website.

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