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Queen Creek Channel (Hawes Rd. to Power Rd.)

Public Meetings

Currently there are no public meetings scheduled for this project.

Past Public Meetings

• 11/19/2002
Project Contact: Don Rerick
Region: SE
District: 1 - Denny Barney

The project included the channelization of Queen Creek Wash from Hawes Road northwesterly to Power Road for a distance of approximately 2.5 miles. A Flood Insurance Study on Queen Creek Wash identified areas of significant flooding, particularly along the north bank of this reach of the wash. The most feasible solution for preventing the flooding from occurring along Queen Creek Wash involved increasing the cross section of the wash to contain the 100-year flows, which was accomplished under this project. The project also included the improvement of the Sossaman Road bridge crossing.

This was a joint project among the Flood Control District, Maricopa County Department of Transportation, and the Town of Queen Creek. The Town was the lead agency for all design and construction-related tasks and is responsible for operation and maintenance of the project.


The project is complete.

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