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Pinnacle Peak West Area Drainage Master Study

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Project Contact: Theresa Pinto
Region: NE
District: 2 - Steve Chucri 3 - Bill Gates

Fans 5 & 6 Redelineation Study:

One conclusion from the PPW ADMS was that the floodplains known as Fans 5 & 6 should be remapped to better depict the current flood hazards. The Flood Control District developed new floodplain maps for Fans 5 & 6, which were shared with the affected property owners at two open houses in September 2016. As a result of the public outreach, the Flood control District received new technical information from several property owners that was incorporated into the floodplain study. The Flood Control District submitted the proposed floodplain maps to FEMA for their review March 2017. FEMA reviewers are in the process of reviewing the hydrology and hydraulics models that were used to develop the proposed floodplain maps.

Rawhide Wash Flood Hazard Mitigation Study:

During 2016 and 2017, the Flood Control District met with the City of Phoenix, City of Scottsdale, and other stakeholders to discuss the alternatives, preliminary cost estimates, and expected benefits of the project when constructed. Based on these discussions, the Flood Control District along with the City of Phoenix and City of Scottsdale are moving forward with pre-design activities for the project. Additional public outreach is planned for Winter 2017 and in 2018.

Model Results


The overall study was completed in June 2016, however, work continues on the Fans 5 & 6 Floodplain Redelineation Study and the Rawhide Wash Flood Hazard Mitigation study.

Available Documents

Document Name Type Size
2012 Project Area Map PDF 413 KB
2012 Project Fact Sheet PDF 3.39 MB
2014 Summer newsletter PDF 591 KB
2014-06 postcard PDF 692 KB
2014-09-16 Public Meeting Presentation - Rawhide PDF 711 KB
2014-09-18 Public Meeting Presentation - Northwest Area PDF 949 KB
2015 Model Animation Fans 5 & 6 mp4 96864
2015 Model Animation Rawhide Floodplain mp4 58 MB
2015 PPW ADMS Model Results GIS Web Site
2015 Roadway Hazard Map pdf 3658
2015-05 Newsletter pdf 1301
2015-05 Public Meetings Executive Summary pdf 399
2015-05 Public Meetings Notification PDF 640 KB
2015-05 Rawhide Wash Fact Sheet pdf 3479
2015-05-06 NW Watersheds Public Meeting Presentation pdf 2363
2015-05-11 Rawhide Public Meeting Presentation pdf 2011
2015-12 PPW ADMS Winter 2015 Update pdf 348
2016-06 Newsletter PDF 912 K
2017 Rawhide Wash Flood Hazard Mitigation Study PDF 250 K

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