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Central Chandler Area Drainage System

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Project Contact: Mike Duncan
Region: SE
District: 1 - Denny Barney

The City of Chandler’s central area was developed prior to the implementation of required drainage standards. The City of Chandler previously developed and implemented a storm water master plan for the central area. The City updated the plan and requested that the District cooperate and cost share in the project. The project included modification and enhancement of existing facilities to provide a 100-year level of protection and a regional outfall for the system. The City was the lead agency for design, rights of way acquisition, utility relocation, construction, construction management, and operation and maintenance of the system. The District provided technical assistance, reviewing the design and construction documents for the project. The District also shared in project costs.

The project consisted of four phases that would help the city accomplish its goal of alleviating the flooding problems in the Chandler’s central area:

Phase 1 – Ivanhoe and Erie Storm Drains
Phase 2 – Arrowhead Pump Station and Force Main
Phase 3 – Galveston Basin and Erie Drains
Phase 4 – Denver Basin Pump Station and Hartford Force Main


Construction of all project phases has been completed by the City of Chandler; the City owns, operates and maintains the project.

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