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Watson Drainage System

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Currently there are no public meetings scheduled for this project.

Past Public Meetings

• 5/8/2013
• 10/24/2012
Project Contact: Bobbie Ohler
Region: W
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman

The Watson Drainage System is a proposed flood control facility in Buckeye between Miller Road and Rainbow Road. It includes several branches of channels, culverts and detention basins spanning more than 10 miles, draining from the Roosevelt Irrigation District canal on the north to the Gila River on the south. The project was identified in the 2009 Buckeye Area Drainage Master Plan to provide a 100-year backbone drainage conveyance system with an outfall to the river for future development in the eastern portion of Buckeye. The project will be implemented in phases by the District and city of Buckeye. A pre-design phase was the first step in refining the system design such that it can be a basis for future final design.


The project Pre-Design was completed. Final design and implementation of the project are currently on hold pending programming of funding and interest by the City of Buckeye.

Available Documents

Document Name Type Size
2013-5-8 Alternative and Basins Exhibits - Public Meeting PDF 2.85 MB
2013-5-8 Channel Exhibits - Public Meeting PDF 1.17 MB
2013-5-8 PowerPoint Presentation - Public Meeting PDF 1.35 MB
2015-03 Watson Drainage System Outfall PDF 4.41 MB
Alternative A System Alignment PDF 5.05 MB
Alternative B System Alignment PDF 5.05 MB
Alternative C System Alignment PDF 5.05 MB
Base Alternative System Alignment with Topographic Contours PDF 5.62 MB
Channel Drop Structure Examples PDF 366 KB
Channel Landscape Design Examples PDF 353 KB
North Channel Design Options 1 PDF 380 KB
North Channel Design Options 2 PDF 751 KB
South Channel Design Options PDF 761 KB
Watson Drainage System Original Proposed Alignment PDF 4.39 MB

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