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Project Contact: Christopher DiMaggio
Region: SE
District: 1 - Denny Barney 2 - Steve Chucri
Phase: Planning & Studies

The North Mesa Area Drainage Master Study is a regional drainage study being conducted in the Mesa area north of US 60 by the Flood Control District of Maricopa County. The study, which encompasses areas within Mesa and unincorporated Maricopa County, will analyze a 116 square mile area bounded by the Tempe Canal (just east of the Price Freeway) to the west, the Salt River to the north, the Maricopa County boundary to the east, and US 60 to the south (study area map). The area incorporates residential areas with commercial corridors.

There have been a number of studies conducted in the area including the Spook Hill ADMP (2004), Higley ADMP (2000), East Mesa ADMP (2014), and Eastern Maricopa County ADMS (1987). There are also two areas that have not previously been studied known as the Lower Easter Maricopa Floodway Part 1 and the Lower Verde. In 2010, the city of Mesa completed a stormdrain master plan that reviewed hydrology from the previous studies; they did not conduct new hydrology.

The purpose of the North Mesa study is to investigate, identify and assess existing flooding problems. A comprehensive list of known flooding problems impacting the study area through a collection of past flooding information provided by Mesa, as well as review of any previous drainage studies that have identified any drainage issues.

A comprehensive hydrologic analysis will be conducted and will include current rainfall parameters and current land use conditions. This study will also review all previously recommended stormwater facilities, determine what has been built, and prioritize any facilities that may still be needed.


The initial data collection report was completed in August 2015. The District has broken the ADMP into geographical areas for further analysis. The first area for analysis (Area 1) is the watershed north of Apache Trail from Sossaman Road to Meridian Road. The District is working with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) during their study of the Apache Trail. The District will complete the final 2-dimensional hydrologic models for Area 1 in April 2018. The second area for analysis (Area 2) is the watershed south of Apache Trail to the US 60 freeway from Loop 202 to approximately Meridian Road. The District is currently developing a base 2-dimensional hydrologic model for this area. The third area under study covers downtown Mesa, the area between the Mesa city boundary to the west and north, the Consolidated Canal to the east, and the US 60 freeway to the south. The District will be conducting data collection and public outreach throughout this area over the next several months.

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