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Loop 303 Corridor/ White Tanks Area Drainage Master Plan Update

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• 10/21/2003
• 9/25/2002
• 9/18/2002
Project Contact: Mike Duncan
Region: NW
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman 5 - Steve Gallardo

This plan was an update the White Tanks Area Drainage Master Plan to specifically cover the proposed SR-303L corridor, which runs from approximately north of Grand Avenue to the Gila River. The study identified existing drainage issues and provides regional stormwater management plans. The central feature that was identified was a North/South regional drainage corridor adjacent to SR-303L.

The study area included approximately 220 square miles of watershed from the McMicken Dam south to the Gila River and from the White Tank Mountains east to the Agua Fria River.

In 2009, the District partnered with the Arizona Department of Transportation to conduct an additional update to the hydrology for this study area, making use of the latest rainfall information published by NOAA. The hydrology update is being used to increase efficiency and reduce costs of proposed regional drainage projects.


The ADMP is complete.

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