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Laveen Area Drainge Master Plan Update

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Project Contact: Afshin Ahouraiyan
Region: SW
District: 5 - Steve Gallardo
Phase: Planning & Studies

The  Laveen  Area  Drainage  Master  Plan  Update  (ADMPU)  will  re-examine  the  recommended drainage  elements  from  the  original  Laveen  Area  Drainage  Master  Plan  (ADMP)  which  was completed  in  2002.  The  study  will  also  identify  and  analyze  any  new  flooding  problems  in specific  areas  that  suffered  damage  during  the major  storms  of  August  and  September 2014.  The  focus  area  (shown  on  the  figure  in  yellow)  being  evaluated  is  from  43rd  Avenue to  55th  Avenue  and  from  Dobbins  Road  to  Estrella  Road.  A  separate  study,  the  South Phoenix/Laveen Drainage Improvement Project Supplement, is also being evaluated for the  area  from  35th  Avenue  to  7th  Avenue  and  from  Baseline  Road  to  South  Mountain  Park.

Purpose and Goal

The  original  Laveen  ADMP  identified  a  recommended  plan  (shown  on  figure)  which included  constructing several detention basins and a storm drain system to decrease flooding  hazards  and  to  carry  stormwater  to  the  Laveen  Area  Conveyance  Channel.  The original  study  area  was  generally  bounded  by  Salt  River  to  the  north,  43rd  Avenue  on  the east,  South  Mountain  to  the  south  and  the  Gila  River  Indian  Community  on  the  west.

The  goal  of  the  Laveen  ADMPU  is  to  identify  any  additional  flooding  problems  that stemmed from  2014 storms and not identified  in  the original study , and to re-examine the  recommended  alternative.

Project Participants

The  District  will  be  working  closely  with  City  of  Phoenix  and  other  governmental agencies. The District is the lead agency and will manage the preparation of the final study  documents.


Preparation of the Laveen ADMPU commenced in December 2014 and is anticipated to be completed by summer of 2018.

Available Documents

Document Name Type Size
Laveen ADMPU Map Figure PDF 26 MB

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