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San Tan West ADMS Update & Goldmine Equestrian Estates

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Past Public Meetings

• 3/6/2018
Project Contact: Lana Nabaty
Region: SE
Phase: Planning & Studies

The update of the San Tan West ADMS is in the mapping phase. The study area is located in the southeast corner of Maricopa County and extends into Pinal County. The watershed is divided into three distinct areas; 14 square miles of generally flat and undeveloped land in the towns of Gilbert and Queen Creek and unincorporated Maricopa County; 16 square miles of generally mountainous and undeveloped land in Pinal County that drains directly across the county line; and 5 square miles of undeveloped, mountainous land that drains to a distinct watercourse before flowing into Maricopa County. The 14 square mile area is newly mapped at 2-foot contour interval for 2-D flood hazard modeling. The 16 square mile area is newly mapped at 4-foot contour interval for 2-D hydrologic modeling of the distributary flows patterns. HEC-1 will be used to determine the hydrology for the 5 square mile area using existing mapping.


The first public meeting was held March 6, 2018. FCD is collecting and organizing flooding complaints and comparing to data gathered in the field as well as the 2-D modeling. Next will be to prepare meetings with City of Queen Creek and other stakeholders.

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