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Cudia City Wash ADMS

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Project Manager: Lana Nabaty
Region: Central
Phase: Planning & Studies

The CCW ADMS is a restudy of the 1994 ACDC/ ADMS Phase I that covered the watershed area between Cudia City Wash and 10th St. Wash).  The study area covers approximately 13.25 square miles located primarily within the Town of Paradise Valley (PV), City of Phoenix (PHOENIX), and a small portion of unincorporated Maricopa County (County).  The area is mainly residential with some commercial corridors along major roadways.

The purpose of the CCW ADMS is to identify flooding problems in the study area due to the changes in the area; using updated detailed 2-foot contour mapping and a more technically sound approach to hazard identification. The major objectives of the study are:

-          Compile a comprehensive database of critical project information, including known flooding and drainage problems within the study area, compile the existing infrastructure data, and review of drainage complaints collected by PHOENIX and PV.

-          Develop a 2D hydrologic model for the study area accounting for PHOENIX and PV’s existing infrastructure, including storm drains and detention/retention basins in order to identify and quantify existing drainage and flooding problems.

-          Prepare a Flood Hazard Assessment based on the collected data and the hydrologic model which identifies flood prone areas.

-          Potentially prepare a flood hazard mitigation plan to provide potential solutions for the identified flood prone areas.


The first work assignment (Data Collection & Base Flo-2D model) & the second work assignment (Field Survey & Site Visit Evaluation) were completed for this study. The third work assignment (Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis) began in August.

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